About Us

About Us

Lamptek is a distributor of replacement projector lamps to trade only.

We offer the following configurations:

Original – Manufacturers genuine lamp. This means both the bulb and the housing are original, the same as the manufacturer supplies, such as Epson, NEC, Optoma etc.

VIVID – Original Inside. This means all VIVID lamps are fitted with a genuine bulb in a compatible housing.

Compatible – This means a compatible bulb inside a compatible housing.

Our quality compatible range of replacement lamps are a cost effective alternative to the original lamp. We produce our compatibles to exacting specifications to ensure the highest level of quality

In short we are projector lamps experts. All we do is projector lamps so we know a thing or two about them. As projector lamp experts we can also be your go-to people whenever you have a question about projector lamps. We are more than happy to help.

We stock over 6,000 lamps here in the UK. Give us a try and see what great margin you can make.

For further information, or to answer any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us;

Telephone: 01635 597567  Lines open from 8am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Email: sales@lamptek.eu


Why become a LampTek trade partner?


There are many benefits in working with LampTek. First, we manufacture our own replacement projector lamps which means there are no middle men taking their slice of the margin making your profits healthier. We also offer industry leading prices with a price beating guarantee so you can be confident you're getting the best price every time. We are a leading manufacturer of replacement projector lamps for both compatible and original inside projector lamps. We hold thousands of replacement projector lamps in stock here in the UK. We offer a free credit account for LampTek approved projector lamp resellers. We hold a projector lamp for all major makes and models of projector. We offer next day delivery throughout Europe and 2-3-day delivery worldwide. We supply fresh data daily giving you visibility of our stock and pricing. We offer a risk free 120-day satisfaction guarantee and we have dedicated account managers on call for help and support Mon-Fri. Our aim is to make working with us both hassle free and profitable so you can concentrate on sales and winning new business.


When it comes to quality we strive to achieve as close to the original manufacturers projector lamps and bulbs as possible. From the projector, all the way to the projector screen, the performance of our projector lamps is uncompromised. This level of quality throughout our replacement projector lamp range means brightness and projector lamp hours should be the same as the original manufacturers projector lamp. Our range of replacement projector lamps cover both low cost, high quality compatible projector lamps under our LampTek brand and original inside replacement projector lamps under our VIVID brand. This extensive dual projector lamp range allows you to offer both value for money for those looking to stretch their budget or for those customers who prefer an original manufacturers projector lamp but still want to make considerable savings, VIVID Projector Lamps are the answer. Our VIVID range of projector lamps use the original manufacturers bulb in our own premium compatible housing. This is a great way to offer an original manufacturers projector lamp quality product at a reduced price that will keep everyone happy.


We believe traditional replacement lamp based video projectors and movie projectors have many years left in them yet. DLP projectors, LCD projectors and similar digital projectors or portable projectors simply don't offer the same level of performance and that doesn't include the impact on the environment when scrapping perfectly good technology. Outside of education and corporate environments there's still a huge devote of home cinema projector enthusiasts who will also keep the category alive for years to come. We want to help you make the most of this opportunity.


About VIVID Lamps


We manufacture our own replacement projector lamps and while our attention to detail and quality process ensures a level of performance that brings our compatible range of TekLamps projector lamps as close as possible to the original manufacturers projector lamp brightness and lamp hours some end users prefer an original manufacturers part. That's where VIVID Projector lamps come in.


VIVID lamps use the original manufacturers bulb which we combine with our own premium compatible housing to create the perfect marriage of original manufacturers performance with the cost saving benefits you have come to expect from LampTek.


So why would we make a range of original inside projector lamps when our compatible range of TekLamps projector lamps are manufactured to be as close as possible to the original manufacturers projector lamp brightness and lamp hours? The simple answer is to fulfil a demand for original manufactures projector lamps. Just like printer ink or digital camera batteries, some end users just prefer an original part. We don't see this as something that undermines the quality or value of our premium compatible replacement projector lamps. It's more an opportunity to acquire incremental sales whilst saving the end user a considerable sum of money. In turn, you get to reassure those end users who are looking for an original manufacturers projector lamp and potentially convert every enquiry into a sale.


Our VIVID range covers nearly all replacement projector lamp manufacturers and most models. In addition to the like for like performance and quality guarantee of an original manufacturers replacement projector lamp we also offer a 6-month guarantee to help strengthen this message which is also a great way to encourage leads to consider a more premium projector lamp.


About TekLamps


TekLamps replacement projector lamps are our own brand of lamps. They are a great premium quality, affordable alternative to the manufacturers original replacement projector lamps. Our attention to detail and quality process ensures a level of performance that brings our compatible range of TekLamps projector lamps as close as possible to the original manufacturers projector lamp brightness and lamp hours.


As we are the manufacturer, buying from us means you're getting direct pricing with no middle men trying to take their slice of the pie. These savings result in a much healthier margin for you and can typically save your customers in excess of 50% off of the original manufacturers replacement projector lamp price. These savings are a great message for the end user and it often takes little to turn a lead into a sale. TekLamps projector lamps are also a great way to encourage customers to continue using their existing projectors when there’s still lots of life left in them. Lamp based DLP projectors or LCD projectors offer a great performance, especially in a classroom or office environment, so when the running costs are reduced this much it's easy to sell the benefits. We also offer a risk free 120-day guarantee allowing you to return to us for full credit for any reason. This reflects the confidence we hold in our replacement projector lamps and will hopefully give you the confidence you need to buy from LampTek.eu.


Being based in the UK with a large warehouse allows us to hold thousands of replacement projector lamps at any given time. We probably already have the projector lamp you're looking for, whether it's for an office or school projector, home cinema projector, or an HD projector/TV projector. And if we don't have it right now, it's likely to be on its way to us from our factory. The benefits of manufacturing our own lamps means we keep stocked up.


Some of the brands we hold replacement projector lamps for include 3M projectors, ACER projectors, ASK projectors, AV VISION projectors, AVIO projectors, BARCO projectors, BENQ projectors, BOXLIGHT projectors, CANON projectors, CASIO projectors, CHRISTIE projectors, CINEVERSUM projectors, CLARITY projectors, CTX projectors, DELL projectors, DELTA projectors, DIGITAL PROJECTION projectors, DREAM VISION projectors, DUKANE projectors, EIKI projectors, EPSON projectors, FUJITSU-SIEMENS projectors, GEHA projectors, HEWLETT PACKARD projectors, HITACHI projectors, IBM projectors, INFOCUS projectors, JVC projectors, KINDERMANN projectors, LG projectors, LIESEGANG projectors, MARANTZ projectors, MEDIAVISION projectors, MEDION projectors, MITSUBISHI projectors, NEC projectors, NOBO projectors, OPTOMA projectors, PACKARD BELL projectors, PANASONIC projectors, PHILIPS projectors, PIONEER projectors, PLANAR projectors, PLUS projectors, POLAROID projectors, PREMIER projectors, PROJECTIONDESIGN projectors, PROJECTOREUROPE projectors, PROMETHEAN projectors, PROXIMA projectors, RUNCO projectors, SAGEM projectors, SAHARA projectors, SAMSUNG projectors, SANYO projectors, SAVILLE AV projectors, SELECO projectors, SHARP projectors, SIM2 projectors, SMART BOARD projectors, SONY projectors, TAXAN projectors, TOSHIBA projectors, VIEWSONIC projectors, VIVITEK projectors, YAMAHA projectors and much more!