Lamps explained

Projector lamps explained.

Is it a bulb or is it a lamp? What’s the difference?

 There is a difference.

 A projector bulb is exactly that, the bulb. If you purchase a bulb you will need to, very carefully, fit that bulb into the bulb housing.

 A projector lamp is the complete unit, bulb + housing. The housing will already have the bulb fitted, so you simply have to remove the old housing from the projector and fit the new lamp. This method is far more convenient than fitting a bulb only.

 Now onto the lamp itself. You will see all manner of terms used to describe the lamp being sold; genuine, genuine original, genuine compatible, original this, original that. It can get quite confusing.

 There are just 3 types of lamp you can purchase. We carry all 3 options so you can offer your customers the best possible choice;

  • Original – Manufacturers genuine lamp. This means the whole unit, including the bulb and the housing are original, supplied by the manufacturer, such as Epson.
  • Original Inside – Original Inside. This means all VIVID lamps are fitted with a genuine bulb in a compatible housing. You can read more on our Vivid Lamps here
  • Compatible – This means a compatible bulb (3rd party) inside a compatible housing (3rd party).You cna read more on our compatible lamps here

Our quality compatible range of replacement lamps are a cost effective alternative to the original lamp. We produce our compatibles to exacting specifications to ensure the highest level of quality.


VIVID lamps offer the perfect balance. This means your customers need not have to pay what can amount to hundreds of pounds more for a genuine lamp without compromising on quality.